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First of its kind - The first mobile phone keyboard for safe and easy typing

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We believe that you can connect better in the digital world thanks to help2type.

What is help2type?

Help2type is the first mobil, compact haptic-tactile keyboard. It can be connected to the smartphone via BlueTooth. It is flexibly attached to the Smartphone with a watch strap system and magnets. The keyboard can be folded onto the screen or simply hidden under the device. It is a keyboard based on the layout of a laptop with the familiar qwertz pattern. Via the function and command key, countless other symbols and special characters can be typed easily. The keyboard is suitable with Apple and Android devices.



  • Haptic Keyboard
  • Enables writing
  • Fast writing
  • Secure writing
  • Use all the possibilities of the digital world on your smartphone
  • Being able to write business and personal messages in public
  • The Swiss Invalidity Insurance (IV) recognises the keyboard from help2type in the category "1101 Navigation" as an aid. For more information, please contact us at info@help2type.com.
  • Funding through a foundation: For people with a financially difficult life situation, we have found a foundation that supports the financing of a help2type keyboard. For more information, please contact us at info@help2type.com.


  • Being able to express yourself
  • Not feeling excluded
  • Belonging to the community
  • Enjoying freedom



Swiss Innovation Challenge

Third place at the Swiss Innovation Challenge 2020